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Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry


: Mildred D. Taylor

Summary: In Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, we see one tumultuous year in the life of the Logan family, through the eyes of nine-year old Cassie Logan. Set in 1930's Mississippi, the Logan family is affected both directly and indirectly by a racist society and they struggle to deal wisely with the injustices they face, sacrifice to help their neighbors and  work as a family to save their treasured family property. 
276pps. Phyllis Fogelman Books 1976 copyright ISBN: 0-8037-2647-3

1977 Newbery Award  Sequel: Let the Circle Be Unbroken 

Reading Level: ages 9-12

Reviewed by: Derri Smith, November 2007

Our Angle
Our Angle

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
is powerful historical fiction for a young person ready to handle it. Through the eyes of nine year old Cassie Logan, we watch her unfolding discovery of the racist society of 1930's Mississippi and share her outrage at its cruelties and injustices. There are certainly many disturbing elements. Still, Cassie is cocooned in a large, supportive family and is cared for by firmly disciplining yet wise and loving parents who command their children's respect. Family loyalty is strong.

In my opinion, this is a book requiring parental involvement. A basic understanding of the post-Civil war south, including concepts like sharecropping, will add depth to a young reader's understanding. The story provides a rich opportunity for family discussion. 

In the Smith home, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry was required reading when we, as parents, deemed our children ready. I can think of few better ways to make the realities of racial prejudice vividly understandable to young people, or  to better reinforce parental lessons about the cruelty and injustice of racism and the rightness of treating each human being with respect, without regard to the levels of melanin in one's skin. 

My mild reservations are the result of a few relatively minor plot elements, most notably the Logan children's vengeful sabotage of a school bus, which they keep from their parents. Other negative elements, like stealing, are portrayed as foolish choices leading to realistic, negative consequences.  

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