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City of Angels, Angels Flight, Angel of Mercy (Shannon Saga Trilogy)


: Tracie Peterson and James Scott Bell

Summary: Set in the 1900's in Los Angeles, this trilogy tells the story of Kit Shannon, first woman to practice law in that city, who feels a call to see justice done for all and truth prevail. She blossoms under the mentoring of an excellent lawyer and, after her first courtroom success, opens a practice of her own. She takes the town by storm, winning seemingly impossible cases. A romance threads throughout the books, as does Kit's faith in God. 

Reading Level: Young Adult
Reviewed by: Derri Smith, June 2005

Our Angle
Our Angle

I recently discovered some books by James Scott Bell which I enjoyed, They portrayed a Christian worldview, dealt with current issues in a thought-provoking way and were well written. Therefore, I started this trilogy with great anticipation. 

I was disappointed.  Mr. Bell on his own is more to my liking than Mr. Bell with his co-author. These books were more formulaic "Christian" novels; not especially well written, with weak characterization and a Christian veneer, albeit a thick veneer. I appreciated the Christian message coming through in Kit's compassion for and sacrificial action on behalf of those the world would not value, in the conversion of several key characters, etc. The heroine fights against prejudice and befriends people of dissimilar class and race, which is, I believe, a needed example in Christian circles. She was, however,  the stuff of adolescent dreams, rather than flesh and blood;  beautiful, intelligent, attracting men like moths to a flame, with good and idealistic goals.  She comes through all manner of challenges victoriously and amazes the city of Los Angeles with her prowess as a lawyer, despite her youth and inexperience. WARNING: spoiler: The ending is the usual fairy tale type where everything works out perfectly and Kit even inherits millions from the convenient rich aunt and, of course, marries her prince. End of spoiler 

Overall, this is harmless enough "fluff," with Christian values and little of the objectionable stuff one might find in a traditional romance novel; a few ideas to mull over and some interesting insights into the law, thanks to Mr. Bell's law background, but it lacks substance, believability and well-developed characters, in my opinion. 


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